Country Feed and Supply

I was out and about taking important photographs and Terry and I stopped at the Country Feed and Supply Store to get sunflower seed to keep the birds in the hood singing. 

Since I had my camera…..

Here’s a few snaps I took at the shop,


Show Girls
These Chickens are called Show Girls. Didn’t really like the spotlight! Or the camera! Don’t know how successful they’ll be as showgirls.
This cat likes to say hi to me when we stop in. We’re buds.

There weren’t as many peeps as usual and no ducklings but the nice woman at the counter said, “go out back and see the rabbits.  They’re almost big enough to butcher.”


You are a big bunny, but I will not eat you. Unless there is a zombie apocalypse. Then yes, you might be dinner.
Please, I know you can save me!
And you are totally safe, even with zombie’s I could never eat anything with pink eyes.

As we left the store we caught a glimpse of the house behind the store.  Totally amazing statues in the yard.  I was so awestruck, I couldn’t even take pictures. 

I must find out more.  The Country Supply and Feed is on Grover Cleveland.  If anyone knows about the house or who created those creatures, let me know! 





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