DIY Bench Cushion — 6 Comments

  1. I love it! How did you keep from going dizzy!? It really does look fabulous with the piano. Like another set of keys.
    I remember that old piano! I loved ‘making noise’ on it. And yes, I really was a happy kid – I think I wore that horse out. When I think about it, from the piano to french horn, Mom’s art, and dressage, there was quite a bit of culture tossed around that old farm house.

    • Creating the piping with the pinstripe made me dizzy but the cushion was easy!
      Yeah, we were exposed to a lot of art on that farm. Which I always reflect on as being strange since we were so po’! Your mom, besides being a famous artist, played flute and piccolo as did our little sister. We all played in the town’s symphony at different points! I think our rich great aunt had a lot to do with it plus paid for most of it.

  2. Hello. Would I have to wrap the foam with batting. Also, I’m not sure why you use the fleece. I believe you used fleece on the cover as well as the muslin case. I am using upholstery material for my bench cover.

    • Hi Sandy, The foam I used was 1″ thick and I wrapped it with batting to make it softer. I had read to do that in a manual a long time ago. This was upholstery fabric and I use the fleece to make the cover sturdier. If I’m make a quick pillow cover that won’t get a lot of use and is just for “pretty”, I don’t use the fleece. It probably wasn’t necessary to use the fleece on the muslin. Just a habit I had and I no longer do that on muslin. I’m still using that piano bench cushion–I actually just got done practicing. It looks like new and is still very comfortable and I made that cushion about 3 1/2 years ago.

      Thanks for the questions, hope I helped you a little!

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