DIY Carry On Bag

I’ve been looking for a tutorial for a tote with a zipper. I wanted to make a carry on bag for all my electronic gear and it had to have a zipper so my stuff wouldn’t spill out on the belt in security.  Hate that!

I made an overnight bag last year.  It was really pretty and sturdy but just too big for me to carry.  I need wheels for something that large!

DIY Overnight Bag
I could put Maggie in that bag!

Jes came by one weekend, loved it, and took it home with her.  And she’s still using it.

I finally found a smaller bag tutorial with a zipper, at Tote Tote

I changed a few things, like the handles.  I didn’t see any need for the double handle plus I wanted them to be a little wider and sturdier so I inserted them into the denim section’s seam.  Nothing worse than having the straps fall off while I’m running through the airport!

I used denim for the bottom rather than faux leather and fleece rather than batting.  I also stuck a pocket on the outside between the handles–so I can compulsively check my boarding pass every few minutes.

This is my version…

DIY Carry on tote, bag
This one is a wee big smaller.

Same fabrics as I used on the overnight bag.  I ordered yards of these coordinating Premier Prints from to make bags for Christmas gifts last year.

DIY Carry On. tote, bag
What, we’re going on a trip?


DIY Carry On, tote, bag
Hey, I don’t think I fit in here!


Sometimes I just make things to have an excuse to take pictures of the pooch!

DIY Carry On, tote, bag
Such a good little model!

I’ve got a couple yards of these prints left.  Think I’ll make a few accessories to go with the carry on!

And I need to start planning a trip!

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