DIY Easy Peasy Table Topper

Okay.  This is so simple that I shouldn’t even consider it a sewing project.  But after making those pillows I showed you a couple a weeks ago, I needed an easy peasy project. 

I have one of those cheap round cardboard tables.  Actually it’s not so cheap or cardboard.  I got a couple of them at Ballard Designs way back in 1998 and they’ve lasted five moves since then.  That’s sturdy.  One of them is usually in the corner of my music room.  But this season it’s in my family room holding a Christmas tree.  And it needed a new holiday-style table topper.

Christmas Tree
This is a very sad tree.  I think it needs something!  Perhaps a topper.  And maybe fluffed.  Oh, and some gifts, too!

I’ve made many toppers in the past but usually with home decorating fabric which is typically 54″ wide.  A 54″ square is perfect for a luxurious table topper.

But the Christmas fabric I wanted to use was 41″.  A 41″ square looked kind of wimpy–I tried it. So here’s the easy peasy way to make a table topper.

I have a whole lot of this red flannel fabric.  It’s got cute snowflakes on it.  I can’t remember why I bought so much. What was I thinking? Maybe I was planning to make Maggie and I matching Christmas pajamas.  And then forgot. 

lots of fabric

It was about time that I finally used that fabric.  Because I’m always on a mission to reduce my fabric stash.  So I can buy new. 

I needed a 54″ square.  I cut two 55″ lengths from this fabric.  I didn’t even cut off the selvages (that’s that 1/2″ stiff edge along the side of the fabric).  Which is a big no-no in the sewing world. 

Although I didn’t worry about that no-no, I couldn’t just attach a 14″ strip to the 41″ inch panel to make a 55″ square.  Never.  A sewist must attach equal strips to each side. This goes for curtains, blankets, and tablecloths.  That’s the rule.  It’s a balance issue.  And I have enough trouble keeping myself balanced.

I stitched the two 41″ wide panels right sides together along the 55″ side.

Next I pressed the seam open.  Measured 7″ from the seam and cut. 

DIY Easy Peasy Table Topper
The right side of the ruler is 7″ from the seam.  Just slice with your rotary cutter right there.

Now I have a 48″ wide and a 34″ wide piece. I took the 34″ wide piece and pinned the selvage side to the other side of the 48″ wide piece–right sides together.  (confused?) Stitched, pressed the seam open.  Again measured 7″ from the seam and cut.  

So now I have two pieces–one is 55″ wide and the other is 25″ wide.  I put the 25″ wide piece back in the fabric stash (still enough for Maggie’s pjs) and put a 1/2″ hem on all sides of the 55″ piece.  

54″ square table topper. 




Table Topper
Wow! That table topper made a really big difference!


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