DIY Envelope Style Pillow (again)

Several months ago Kathryn bought a town house on Davis Island in Tampa.  Since then Darin and her have been busy fixing it up.  Kathryn’s on a budget and pretty frugal so a lot of her purchases are at garage sales and flea markets and even a few dumpster dives. Darin rescued an Ikea coffee table that was missing a leg and had numerous dents and dings.  Terry replaced all the legs,  I filled in the dents, painted it and then made a cushion.   Now they have a bench in their bedroom.  I had some of that fabric left and I’m trying to use up the old stuff before I buy anything new. Time for the bench to get a matching pillow!

Former coffee table turned into bench with cushion.
Here’s the bench from back in May.
ikea hack coffee table to bench with boxed cushion.
And here’s the bench now!
DIY Envelope-style Pilllow
Left over fabric plus a pillow that Kathryn wanted recovered.

Envelope-style pillows are incredibly easy.  Especially if you don’t use piping.  I typically do but I wanted to give this to Kathryn ASAP.  If you can sew a straight seam, you can make a pillow cover!

It turned out very nice, even sans piping.

DIY Envelope-style Pilllow

DIY Envelope-style Pilllow
This is the back, the “envelope flap” keeps the pillow closed but no zipper nor hand sewing any seams.  I hate hand sewing.
DIY Envelope-style Pilllow
Maggie wanted to keep her new pillow. No, no Maggie.
DIY Envelope-style pillow,
And here’s the pillow at Kathryn and Darin’s place now that Maggie gave it up!


DIY Envelope-style Pilllow
And look how happy Darin and Kathryn are with their new pillow!

I’ve posted the instructions for the “envelope-style” pillow before, but just in case you don’t have it bookmarked, here’s a PDF:

Envelope-style pillow cover

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