DIY Fabric Baskets

Continuing in my efforts to have a pretty and organized work area, I finished the shelves in my sewing corner with these cute DIY fabric baskets and Ikea magazine holders.

DIY Fabric Boxes, Ikea boxes, organization

I painted the holders the same color that I used in the “hutch of pretty things” and finished them up with Martha Stewart stencils.  Now they are the home to sewing patterns that I’ve collected over the years.

Ikea Boxes

I started figuring out the dimensions I would need to make storage baskets but then came across a tutorial on Sew4Home for these little lovelies.  So much easier to follow someone else’s instructions than create my own!

DIY Fabric Boxes, Pretty organization

Grabbed a graphic from The Graphic Fairy and made these tags.

DIY Fabric Boxes, Tags


DIY Fabric Boxes, Ikea boxes, tags

One corner done, three to go!  My cutting table slides right under the shelves and now I have a pretty and organized sewing corner.

Organized Sewing Corner, DIY Fabric Basket

Although it usually looks like this!

Sewing Corner, DIY Fabric Boxes

Next week I’ll tell you about those cushions sitting on my sewing table!

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