DIY Overnight Bag — 4 Comments

  1. Hi love your bag. I am doing this pattern for my girl and not sure if the main piece has to be cut on a fold or 2 pieces and sewn underneath. I need help. Thank you.

    • It’s been awhile since I made the bag and my daughter has it now. But looking at the Simplicity pattern, it looks like the “front and back” is one large piece. You have to place it on the fold. I thought this pattern was confusing but the bag turned out very nice. My daughter loves it.

  2. I am making this bag for the first time. I am an expierianced sewer and I also found this parttern very confusing. I called simplicity and they will help me over the phone step by step. Cool . I to do not like to work with batting, so I bought the quilted, fabric with the batting and lining included in one. So easy. Get it 40% off at JoAnn’s . I love tote bags and they are so expencive so I will make them. I might even sell them.

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