DIY Tea Towels — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Kathy! Thank you so so SEW much for posting your tutorial and the site you get patterns from. I’m a tea towel whore. Love tea towels and keep them out in my kitchen. They have become ridiculously expensive so I’ve been taking “the towel of the month” classes at my local quilt store (which is also expensive but I learn how to make the towels).
    I pretty much just applique, I don’t care about doing a bunch of fancy sewing since these towel are going to be used not just displayed. AND teapots are my favorite, then skulls – thinking I need skellies drinking tea, which would pour through their bones, so maybe not! Thanks again! Gina from Springfield, IL

    • Thanks for the comment, Gina. I love making tea towels. They are relatively easy and really brighten up my kitchen. I make them as hostess gifts, too. Since I made these teapot towels, I’ve discovered that if you’re going to actually use your tea towels, leave the rick rack off. It’s adorable. But not very useful. I also put rick rack on a bunch of potholders. And it melted! (Well, my husband did use the potholders to take his cast iron skillet off of the grill! What wouldn’t melt???? He now has an “ove glove”)

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