DIY Totes, Part 2

I recently made 48 bags for our daughter’s wedding.  The first 29 were all unique, with different embellishments, handles, and facing.  But when I hit a time crunch, the remaining 19 bags were made quick and easy.

You might remember my post from making 20-minute totes for Lauri’s wedding. They turned out really nice but I didn’t like the unfinished edges.  It was just a matter of time before those babies unravel.  So I now have a new method to make totes and all the edges are finished.  This takes longer than the “20-minute tote” but I think the clean finish is worth it.

Because all of the totes were denim and there was no special one-way print on them, I was able to get rid of that bottom seam.

Small Tote,  12″  x 13.5″ bag

Cut a piece of 14” x 30” denim

Cut 2 22” pieces of webbing for handles

Attach handles 3 inches from each side

DIY Totes, Part 2

This is when you should put any embellishments like pockets, appliques, or yo-yos on.

Turn under ½ “, stitch 3/8” from edge

DIY Totes, Part 2

Turn under 1”, stitch 7/8” from edge , Make sure the handles are pushed up when you stitch them.

DIY Totes, Part 2

Top stitch.

DIY Totes, Part 2

Put WRONG sides together

DIY Totes, Part 2

Stitch ¼” from each side.

Turn wrong sides out, press.

Stitch ½” from edge on both sides

DIY Totes, Part 2

Turn right side out, press.


DIY Totes, Part 1

Easy Peasy!

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