Dogs in the Hood

Let’s start the New Year out with some Dogs in the Hood!

Winsome Dachshund
Winsome Weiner
Dogs in the Hood
Pretty in Pink
Dogs in the Hood
So Sad, does not really want to be at the Shed.  Just wants to go home.  Sleep on his blankey. ” Please, tell them to take me home.”
Dogs in the Hood
“Just take one more step and that camera is mine…”
Dogs in the Hood
Lucky dog on a boat
Poor Annie, “9 more poops and she’s at the shelter”
Daisy from the Block
German Shepard
This little lady is very confused by the whole corn hole thing. “Why are they throwing things that I can’t chase?” And what is all that noise?
And last but not least, Maggie!


Hope your New Year started out fantastic!

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