Dogs in the Hood


Love this photo because it shows Bacca’s “I’m a big dog!” personality. Hate that sun spot on the middle of his forehead but couldn’t get rid of it, even in Photoshop.
Pam’s an Australian Shepard and lives on the canal around the corner from us. Some mornings she comes down to MacRae’s with her person. She’s a bit shy and doesn’t like her picture taken–or maybe she doesn’t like being anywhere near Maggie.


Diesel is the first dog we encounter on our cruise out to the gulf. We think he’s all bark–so far no bite.
Pam 2
Here’s Pam, again. Spotted her in the wrong backyard along the canal. As usual, she’s pretending I don’t exist.
Sparky is a neighbor and doesn’t live on the water but he was hanging here with Pam. Not sure why he or Pam were in this back yard–perhaps they were out for a stroll.
Dogs in the hood
Still do not know this little pooch’s name. There are three of these cuties that like to let us know their displeasure with us using their canal.
Ethel is another little dog with a “I’m a big dog” personality.  She’s also the same kind of Jack as Maggie — short legs and pointy ears.


Dogs in the Hood
“Got a kid to feed me snacks. On the boat. Life is good.”

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