Dogs in the Hood

Dogs in the Hood

I was astounded to discover that I haven’t put up any “dogs in the hood” since August!  This is supposed to be a monthly feature!  Time to make up for it!

This is Senor Pepe.


And his bestie, Buddy,

BuddyWe went out on the boat and Ethel was there guarding her dock.


“Boat, Boat, Boat!”

Ethel“Are you coming?”

ethel“Oh Geeze, they’re getting away!”

ethel“I got this under control, I’ll just untie this rope and jump on the boat.”

That was a close one.  Good thing Ethel doesn’t have thumbs.

This little guy just moved in across the street.  He’s Odin and an American Bulldog.  I think I should make friends with him!


Here’s some little dogs that I’m working on.  Version one and two.  Version three will be going to grandson Jack.  He loves dogs!  And these pooches require very little care!

DogAnd here’s Maggie!  She will be 16 on December 5th!  And still running like a puppy!



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