Earth Day 2015 — 4 Comments

    • Donna, I’m just thinking of those poor squirrels health. All that sugar water and bird feed can’t be good for them! Especially since they aren’t getting any exercise from running away from Maggie!

  1. Mom’s rain barrel fills up amazingly fast. It sits on cinder blocks (LOL -Terry!), and has plenty of ‘easy’ pressure. She uses a regular hose and waters anything nearby with it, no sweat. But no soaker hose.

    • Michelle! It’s CONCRETE block! Hope Terry doesn’t read that comment! I do have plenty of “easy” pressure and use the water from the barrels to water my plants with a hose. None of the water in the barrels go to waste. The solar pump allows me to use a hose end sprayer. A little more convenient. I read somewhere that there are soaker hoses made just for rain barrels but I’ve spent enough money on that project!

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