Earthday 2013

Dear Mother Earth,

Just want to say Happy Earth Day.  Thanks for all the beauty every day.

And apologize for driving a gas-guzzling Toyota Sequoia.  But we have to have something big enough to haul 5 grandkids around in when necessary plus pick up mulch, pull a trailer, make airport runs to pick up friends and family.  Still, sorry, I could probably do better.

In our defense, we recycle, have four rain barrels and one solar pump on a rain barrel so we can actually use it. Oh, yeah, we compost, too. We have a little organic vegetable garden and butterfly/hummingbird friendly gardens.  And have a natural front yard that doesn’t need watering. We even made all of our wedding guests separate all their trash into appropriate bins.  Resulting with a run to the recycle center in our gas-guzzling Sequoia.

While I’m at it, wanted to ask why do we have to have sand gnats (also known as no-see-ums) that no Off or Cutters have an effect on?  And yes, we have also tried all the natural remedies.  They bite.  Also those awful yellow flies.  And those little green slimy frogs.  Hate them.  I’m okay with the lizards and alligators and snakes.  But those other three–I could do without!

So, anyhow, enough whining.  We’ll keep trying.  Happy Earth Day.







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