Easter in Homosassa Springs!

Here comes Peter Cottontail?

Easter's Coming!

This giant manatee has been hanging out in Homosassa Springs since before I moved to Citrus County.  When he was at Halls River Road I used him for a landmark for visitors that were coming from north on 19, “turn right at the giant manatee”.  Never failed to get them headed in the correct direction!

Then he was moved over by the hotel and more recently placed in front of the Homosassa Wildlife Park entrance on 19–where he belongs!  Now he’s ready to help with the Easter egg hunt that the park holds the Saturday before Easter.  Lots of kids and lots of fun.

Easter's Coming!
And he even has a cottontail!

If I was a reporter I probably would have called the park to find out who came up with this great idea. But I’m just an observer that loves our newly decorated public art piece!

Easter's Coming!


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