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Oh yeah, we like to find dining on the river. And we don’t care about “fine” dining–just give me fried grouper and a view of the water.

But we suffer from a lack of water-front restaurants on the Homosassa River. First, we lost KC Crumps in 2004.  Oh yeah, we loved KC Crumps. Way before living in Homosassa, I made the trek to enjoy the view and the food. Back then I thought it would be so cool to pull up my boat to the dock and enjoy a waterfront meal. And when we moved here, we did. With Maggie in tow. We just tucked her under the table and enjoyed our fried grouper. Hey, I was livin’ the dream.  Until the whole place went up in flames.

And then the Seagrass Pub went under.  And then purchased.  And then razed.  But they do have a waterfront tiki bar with a BBQ trailer for food.  We’ve only been a few times because they are dog haters.

Then there was the Maguerita Grill.  This is where we took all of our guests so they could enjoy those huge goblets of liquid yumminess.  And we could pull our boats up dockside.  Even though they didn’t allow dogs at their outside dining, we went there because it was fun, good, and cheap!  Then it burnt to the ground July 2011.   Jeeezzz.

Find Dining

Find DiningFind DiningFind DiningFind DiningFind Dining

That left us the Yardarm with the Monkey Bar.  I don’t count the Freezer or the Shed as restaurants, just fun spots to get snacks.  And both of those places are dog lovers.  While we don’t always take Maggie, we know we can.

But things are looking up!  The new and way improved Seagrass Pub is close to opening!  According to their website, the new restaurant is scheduled to open in weeks.

Find Dining

And more importantly, (drum roll here) ground has been broken for the Maguerita Grill. Same location!  Yippee!

Find Dining

Find Dining

So, what do you think the chances are for a new KC Crumps?

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    • That’s why they are opening back up! Just for you! But don’t count on the grill being open for awhile. Takes a long time to build on the water.

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