Friday Meanderings — 6 Comments

  1. Hey Michelle! Well, there was supposed to be a photo here and a mention about the deck repair. But it looks like I forgot to add it! Whoops! We actually have someone else doing the repair because it’s just too big of a job. And it may get bigger as we see how bad the frame is. The house was built in 1990 so that deck is 27 years old! I’m going to try to post a photo on Instagram every day so just keep following me!

  2. Wow! Some serious meandering in this post :-). You guys are so busy, its a good busy tho! Enjoyed it all, especially the wedding pix, awesome memories. June 10th will be that dress’s 50th anniversary – what?!?! Only 46 more years to go Jess n Andrew, it goes by Fast!!!

  3. Your backyard is a great place for a wedding! That couple is. Beautiful too!! Thank for hosting it. It was such a fun week!
    Enjoy the next one!
    Did that fish have a sneaker print on it?

  4. Your backyard was a beautiful place to have the wedding and what a beautiful couple! Thank you for hosting it! What a fun week!
    Does that fish have a sneaker print on its back?

  5. Thanks for hosting our wedding in the backyard! And thanks to Yvonne for the dress. I feel like you should be able to wear wedding dresses more than once! Maybe I’ll wear it around Homosassa the next time I am down. 🙂

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