Friday Meanderings

Another two weeks have flown by.  Throwing this together in the wee hours of the morning to just let everyone know that I’m still here!

Good things are happening here in Old Homosassa but all those good things are keeping me very busy.

Working with a dedicated group of local residents to get the Citrus County Board of County Commissioners to fund the Old Homosassa Heritage Park.

The Old Homosassa Learning Center is BOOMING!  The Sew Cool! Workshop that meets every Thursday is just about out of room!  The after-school program is meeting Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and the kids are loving it!  The Yoga classes and Tiffany Beck are a blessing to our community. And we are in the beginnings of starting a ukulele group!

Because so much is going on, I’m considering shutting down this blog.  Most of my followers have moved on because my posting is so sporadic.  I do post for the and on

Anyhow, got stuff to do!

So, I’ll say

Have a Great Weekend!


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