Friday Meanderings

Happy first day of Hurricane Season!

Despite the bands of storms that have plagued us for the entire month, I still got out and got stuff done.

Here’s a view between downpours:

My flowers are loving the weather!



First plumeria bloom this year.

On Monday we went to the Memorial Day service at the Old Homosassa Veterans Memorial.  It was raining that morning, quit, had the service, the civic club cleared everything out and stored the equipment, and the rain started back up.  Didn’t quit until Thursday morning!

memorial day

Went to see my friend Paula play at the Shed.

Another brief break in the rain!
Friday Meanderings
Got the electricity line fixed that runs to the dock. Lights are back on after being dimmed for a few months!
Finished a quilt….
Stitched up a tote!

The rain was probably the worst on Wednesday.  DID NOT EVER STOP!  Still managed to make it to the Old Homosassa Learning Center and wade in to join the Homosassa Ukers followed by a music session with my banjo and friends!


Packed up and ready to go!

Sad to say that I didn’t get to pet any dogs this week.  But I did download this sketch!

Friday Meanderings

The weather is changing and sunshine is forecast!

Get out there and enjoy it!

Have a great weekend!


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