Friday Meanderings

It’s Friday already!  And it’s June 5th! 

Thought I’d start out with some newspaper clippings cause I know not everyone gets the Citrus Chronicle nor the Homosassa Beacon.

Homosassa Civic Club

If you can actually read the above clipping, we are the new people that they are talking about! 

And here I am at the Homosassa Elementary School.  I’m famous!

school presentation

And don’t want to leave out Terry!  This was in today’s paper!


The Cobia Tournament starts this evening with the “Captain’s Meeting”.  The Old Homosassa Heritage Council will have a booth set up and we’ll be selling t-shirts and raffle tickets from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon.  Stop by and say HI!  We have several members of our group that will be taking turns at the booth!

Well, you know what we will be doing this weekend!  Hope yours is great, too!


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