Friday Meanderings

Did I mention that it was hot on Saturday?  Yeah.  It’s Florida. In June. It was hot.

Here is our OHHC booth that we worked for two hours and sold t-shirts and raffle tickets for a golf cart.  All the donations go to restoring the Old Homosassa Water Tower.

OHHC booth
That’s DeeDee, co-chair of OHHC, her husband John, and Terry.

Then we went to the mullet toss.

Then we went home to take naps before the fireworks.

And then it rained.

A lot.

So we decided that the fireworks would surely be cancelled.

And then we heard them go off about 9:40.


No pics.

But here’s some pics from the paper of Terry.

He’s getting so famous!

chronicleTerryHave a great Independence Day Weekend!


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