Friday Meanderings

So how is your summer going?

Looks like Citrus County has decided to brand itself as Crystal River and Manatees.

After hiring a marketing firm and giving them some buckets of money.  The new logo is based on Crystal River and its manatees.

The way I understand it, the idea is that Crystal River draws the tourists.  After the tourists get here, they will explore other places in Citrus County like Floral City, Inverness and Homosassa.  

Makes sense.

Now I hope that Citrus County actually does some marketing for Crystal River.  Not just Three Sisters Springs (which is wonderful and the cause of the influx of tourists.)  But also downtown, Heritage Village, and maybe even do some sprucing up of the Crystal River Mall.

Like I’ve mentioned a few dozen times.  Our tourists want to eat and shop somewhere after swimming with the manatees.  And we have those places, we just need to let our visitors know.

I like the logo.  Hope it sends the intended message….


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