Friday Meanderings

Such exciting news! 

I received an email this week about the Old Homosassa Sidewalks!   Just as I started thinking that the whole idea was a figment of my imagination!  

From Fritz P. Smith,

“As discussed at the Yulee Drive Sidewalk Townhall Meeting conducted on July 31, 2014, a set of 60% complete plans will be available for review at the Citrus County Homosassa Library, 4100 South Grandmarch Avenue, Homosassa, FL 34446, beginning Monday, January 26, 2015 until Friday, February 13, 2015.  Please direct any questions or requests for additional information to Walt Eastmond at 352-527-5446 or”

I haven’t stopped in to look at the “60% complete plans” yet.  Next week.

Where the Sidewalk Ends
Where the sidewalk ends…..

There’s been some reports in the newspaper that there might be sidewalks put along 19 after a teenager on his bicycle was struck by a car and killed last year at Sugarmill Woods.  So sad.  Such a dangerous road and there are always bicycles on it.  I’m not sure I’d ride a bike out there even if there were bike paths.

I suppose I should mention the “skeletal remains” found in the woods were about a half mile from “Perfect”.  Right next to the rooster house.  In the wooded area.  Crime tape.  A blue tarp covered shelter in the woods.  Lots of deputies hanging out for a few days.  I don’t know anymore than the newspaper is reporting.  Which is “skeletal remains”.  But here’s some roosters…

Roosters are back

You might have noticed that I didn’t put a post up yesterday.  Even Terry said something to me about being a slacker.  But I didn’t put a project up yesterday because I didn’t have anything finished.  I thought about showing you all the pieces of denim that are ready to be stitched together.  Or maybe a pic of what a disaster my office/sewing room is right now.  But the post would have just been mindless ramblings which I like to save for Friday!  It would just be wrong to have two such posts in one week!

I’ll get back to my sewing machine soon.  I’ve got some projects in the garage that I need to finish up, too.  But I’m having a struggle getting my schedule rearranged. It’s amazing what one little change can make me go all helter-skelter. I always left Wednesday open to catch up on projects and do a bit of blog writing but I’ve given up my Wednesday to the cats. Seriously.  I started volunteering in the office at the Citrus County Animal Shelter on Wednesdays.  One day a week and it’s thrown my whole schedule out of order.  

I do not walk the dogs nor hold the cats.  I don’t even greet people or introduce them to pets that need a new home.  I sit in front of a computer and do data entry.  I put the cats into Petfinder Pro so you can see your next kitty best friend online.    I might work up to greeter, cat petter, or dog walker.  I’m just taking it slow.  A lot of those dogs are BIG and I’m a bit intimidated.  And I’ve been assured by a few people that what I’m doing is REALLY important.  

Now I want to tell you how impressed I am with the people that really do work directly with the dogs and cats.  They are passionate about these animals. The puppies, kittens and small dogs are adopted quickly.  Dogs that are desirable have a waiting list.  But it’s those big dogs that spend months in the shelter.  Without the volunteers, these dogs would seldom get out of the kennels.  The volunteers do not just walk the dogs, they also train them and socialize them. I love it when pooches come in to visit me while I’m tapping on the keyboard–part of their socialization. But the best part is when I hear their handlers celebrate when one of these dogs find their forever home.    

But I’ll eventually get my schedule rewired and I’ll be back to my projects soon.  Maybe. My yard is beckoning.  The weather has been great and it’s almost time to trim the roses!

Crazy roses are still blooming. They are supposed to be dormant!

Not much going on this weekend.  But if the weather is wonderful as is expected, we’ll be out and about.

Have a great weekend!

Go Seahawks!


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