Friday Meanderings — 5 Comments

  1. I might have to see about getting up to the Casa. Although I’ll be busy in the morning, I might have to get there to check it out.

    • Michelle, the open house is 3 to 7. We’ll be there at some point. Connie plans on dressing appropriately for a mansion. Something about a silver dress? Worth going just to see the outfit. And she plans to be there the entire time!

  2. 1. Right now our jobs are here~ so we kind of are stuck here. In the North that this.
    2. I have been looking at your pictures!
    3. I can’t wait to see the pictures of that mansion~ I wish I was there to see the open house. Or maybe I will just get married again to have it there!

  3. Thanks for the informative info in this article Kathy. That is really great to hear about the music group, if Gil could find a moment he would love to be part of that. We will be at Casa after we close the gallery today, an exciting event for our area, hope to see you there.

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