Friday Meanderings

Just want to apologize to all my northern friends before I start rambling about my garden problems.  You’ve have had so much SNOW this year and you are still digging out.   (But  let me ask–why do you still live there?)

Here in central Florida, it’s time to start planning the spring vegetable garden. 

Time to till up the soil, fertilize, decide what exactly will be planted.

But not for me.  I’ve decided that my two raised vegetable beds in my back yard are done. Kaput. Set to be flattened. The damn squirrels have won.  So many squash blossoms have been “squirreled away”. So many tomatoes have been bitten or chewed.  

Besides the squirrels, there is the shade canopy.  We have a lot of big trees that are just getting bigger and not much sun is hitting those beds anymore. (Not complaining, I love each and everyone of those trees.)

The few organic tomatoes that I actually got last year would have been a lot cheaper at the most expensive organic market. 

And besides all of those reasons, it’s a lot of physical labor and my back has decided that it just wants to work on flowers.  Gotta do what the back says!

I’ll continue growing herbs.  Rosemary, oregano, and chives never die.  I’ve probably had the original plants for over five years.  I’m putting parsley and dill in pots and placing them in the few sunny places in the yard.  I’m not much of a cook but parsley and dill are very rewarding to me because I love the butterflies.

Butterflies in the Garden, Eastern Black Swallowtail
Eastern Black Swallowtail caterpillar, full grown larvae, on parsley.
Black Swallowtail Butterfly Eggs
Swallowtail Butterfly Eggs on dill.
In the Garden, Eastern Swallowtail
Swallowtail on parsley.  So pretty.  Looking forward to their return when it gets a little warmer.

And now that you have looked at these pretty pictures, I need to ask….

Have you been looking at my “project 365” photos?   I’m taking a pic every day and posting them.  It’s been a challenge.  I’m always taking pictures–but taking a good picture that I feel is “post worthy”? Not so easy.  And then there are the days that I take a lot of really GOOD photos.  And can only use one.  

Today is day 42! We are going out and about today so I should have a photo to post that isn’t from the back yard!

Besides taking lots of pictures, I’ve been busy in the community. Wednesday as a volunteer at the animal shelter, the first Monday night of the month at the Homosassa Civic Club plus a few monthly meetings for Old Homosassa Preservation Society.  

Speaking of the Old Homosassa Preservation Society, our next meeting is Tuesday at 5:30 at the Homosassa Civic Center.  This is a big one.  We bought the tower.  Now we have to get the money together to preserve the tower and other historical places in Homosassa. BE THERE!  Or send us a bucket of money.  I’m okay with that.

And then there’s the acoustic music group that I joined last year. 

We meet at the Coastal Region Library in Crystal River and we finally have a regular schedule.  The first and third Monday of every month from 2 to 4:30.  Acoustic musicians, singers, and listeners are all invited. 

Acoustic Music Group
Two happy banjos and a lot of guitars!

And after looking at that picture you might think you need to be a senior citizen to be in this group.  NOT SO!  Eleven-year-old Jimmy has stopped in during our last two sessions.  He is a beginning guitar player.  He doesn’t stay long but he seems to enjoy hanging out with us while he’s there! (oh no, do you think he might be looking for a foster-grandparent?)

If you want to join us and have questions, give Paula Bateman a call at 260-316-4099.  Otherwise, just come on over!

And now what’s going on this weekend?

Well, first there’s the Best Friend Expo at the Citrus County Auditorium on Saturday.  This is your chance to meet all of those pooches and kitties that need a home. 

I’m still pondering the water issues in Florida so Terry and I are attending the “Florida’s Springs and the Sustainability of the Floridan Aquifer” at 10 am on Saturday at the Ellie Schiller Education Center in Yankeetown. 

There’s a car show on 44 between Inverness and Floral City.

But what we are REALLY looking forward to is the Open House at La Casa of Mason Creek.  I’ve posted dozens of photos of this place over the years.  We watched it being built and even took a little “self-guided” tour. It’s been on the market forever and someone finally bought it!  The new owner has turned it into an event venue and vacation rental.  The open house will include many local vendors that want to turn your wedding or event into something extraordinary.  The open house is from 3 – 7.  Oh yes, I’m taking my CAMERA!

Just another morning in Perfect
La Casa of Mason Creek from the canal side
La Casa of Mason creek
And from Mason Creek.

The weather is supposed to be beautiful here in sunny Florida so we will out on the road getting lots of pictures.

Have a great weekend!



5 thoughts on “Friday Meanderings

  1. I might have to see about getting up to the Casa. Although I’ll be busy in the morning, I might have to get there to check it out.

    • Michelle, the open house is 3 to 7. We’ll be there at some point. Connie plans on dressing appropriately for a mansion. Something about a silver dress? Worth going just to see the outfit. And she plans to be there the entire time!

  2. 1. Right now our jobs are here~ so we kind of are stuck here. In the North that this.
    2. I have been looking at your pictures!
    3. I can’t wait to see the pictures of that mansion~ I wish I was there to see the open house. Or maybe I will just get married again to have it there!

  3. Thanks for the informative info in this article Kathy. That is really great to hear about the music group, if Gil could find a moment he would love to be part of that. We will be at Casa after we close the gallery today, an exciting event for our area, hope to see you there.

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