Friday Meanderings

It’s been a strange week for us.  Started out with Terry and I studying the plans for the future Old Homosassa sidewalks and discovering that we would lose seven large oak trees that help create our canopy.  I updated my post from Sunday about the sidewalk plans with the email I sent and the responses.  I was feeling hopeful.

Then on Wednesday I was “cc:d” along with Commissioner Ron Kitchen on the following email from Randy Oliver, County Administrator, to Jeff Rodgers, the Director of Public Works.  


Would you ask someone to follow up with Mrs. Green and copy Commissioner Kitchens and myself on the response. 



Haven’t heard anything.  Now I’m perplexed.  Will follow up with Mr. Oliver next week.

Meanwhile, I’ve been busy busy busy letting all of the “locals” know about the tree issue.

The Old Homosassa Heritage Council had a town meeting at the Civic Club on Tuesday. We are moving forward with fund raising to purchase and refurbish the water tower.  Very Exciting!  

Homosassa Water Tower

I couldn’t find a lot going on in the county that I wanted to attend this weekend–probably because we already have plans.  But if we get a chance, we’ll be stopping by the Visitor Center on US 19 at the Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park on Saturday for the arts and crafts show by local artists.  

There is a lot coming up!

February 21st is the next open house at Three Sisters Springs.  This is a GREAT event. Sponsored by the Friends of Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge, you can catch a bus at Kings Bay Plaza.  With the weather being a bit chilly, you are ensured of seeing manatees. Possibly hundreds of them.  And you don’t even have to get in the water, you can view them from the boardwalk. Plus–it’s free!

Right here in Old Homosassa, on March 6th and 7th from 5 – 9  we will be having the Luminary Art Nights. We have some great art spots here.  I’m planning on helping out Watsons Art Gallery & Studio.  If you haven’t stopped there already, you must.  Check out the art and then have dinner at one of our several fun restaurants on either side of the river.

On March 14th it’s the Shrimpapalooza!  Sponsored by the Homosassa Springs Rotary Club, this is nothing but fun.  A parade.  Beads. A festival.  Beads.  Bands. Beads. Food. Beads. Have I convinced you yet?  We like to take at least one grandkid….

Shrimpapalooza 2014!
Shrimpapalooza 2013
Shrimpapalooza 2013!

 I think that’s it for now.  

Have a great weekend and Valentine’s Day!



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  1. Happy Valentine’s day to you and your family. Hope you have a warm one. We are having some frigid days up North. Today’s high is suppose to be 6, but, at least it is not windy and the sun is shining!

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