Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

It’s Friday!  

Already.  Next thing you know, it’ll be Christmas again.

Or maybe not.

I put this photo up for my “pic of the day” yesterday.  I had to repeat it here for those of you that don’t look at the pic of the day.  (what, you don’t look at my pic of the day?)

Wood Storks

I saw these guys just hanging out there.  Catching the rays.  The wood storks are only here in the winter.  I think they go to South Carolina and visit my friend Terry in the summer.  We have so many cool birds that visit my back yard this time of the year.  

The Old Homosassa Heritage Council put a sign up this week at the Water Tower to show the progress we are making on hitting our $60,000 goal to restore and maintain it.  


Sign looks really little.  But it’s actually quite BIG!

Okay.  I was reading the paper yesterday (which I do everyday) and just had to share the following stories from right here in Citrus County according to the Citrus County Chronicle…….

A parent took his child to Rock Crusher Elementary School and his gun fell out of a hole in his pocket and another parent found it and a custodian shot it because he thought it was a toy.  

How many things are wrong in that scenario?

A volunteer with the Citrus County Sheriff’s department was terminated because he was driving erratically and there was a bottle of vodka on the floor board.  

Okay, I gotta fess up that being a volunteer for anything might require a little bit of alcohol but it might not be good driving drunk when the group you volunteer for is the Citrus County Sheriff’s department.

Just saying.

In the Sound Off section of the paper there’s been a lot of complaining about people picking and choosing and then changing out the eggs in the cartons in the grocery store.  Am I the only person that finds this hilarious?  All I can think is that whoever is writing these sound off’s needs to be a volunteer with some community group so they can use their whining for a constructive cause. But maybe not the Sheriff’s department.  

What’s going on this weekend?

Annual fish fry by the Homosassa Guides Association is Sunday at MacRae’s in Homosassa.  Proceeds go to a local charity and the Homosassa Elementary School.

Healthy Living Show at the Crystal River Mall on Saturday.  

Ozello’s Heatin’ Up with Crafts & Chili is on Saturday.  

Stomping in the Swamp Bluegrass is on Saturday.   It’s somewhere out in the middle of nowhere.  And it’s free!

Guess where I’m going????  No, I’m not taking my happy banjo.

Have a Great Weekend!


2 thoughts on “Friday Meanderings

  1. Love the picture of the wood storks :-). Old timers called them “ironheads”, well, my daddy did. And he called pileated woodpeckers “good gods!” ;-). Thanks for all the good pix.

  2. Great post Kathy, love the photo. I had wondered how the gun got on the school campus, I received a phone call that morning from school administration saying a loaded gun had been found.

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