Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

It’s Friday!

(My favorite day!  Oh no, it’s my next favorite day.  

Sunday is definitely my favorite day.)

I dither.

Today is the Friday that I go to BANJO CAMP!  


So excited.

But kind of sad that I’m missing the Shrimpapalooza.  The best golf cart parade.  Ever!  Too much fun. And the Shriners are bringing their little cars!  OMG!

So I’m missing the parade.  And so is Terry!  He’s working the Homosassa Civic Club booth.  He’s got mermaid t-shirts and posters to distribute.  For a small donation. (that would be $20 and $25) And he’ll have membership applications available.   3 bucks to join! 

And if you don’t like those t-shirts and posters of “Homosassa Red”, just move on down the row and make the same donation for an Old Homosassa Heritage Council t-shirt.  Or just put a small donation in that really cool mini-water-tower bank.  And we have a raffle for a Twisted Oaks Golf Course round for four.  That’s a nice golf course. You should definitely donate 2 bucks for a raffle ticket. And I bet there will be membership forms there, too!

Hey, we only need a little more than $40,000 to Save The Water Tower!  That’s 20,000 tickets.  Or 2000 t-shirts.  Or you can just donate a bucket of cash.

But I’m off to Banjo Camp!

So I was stalking hummingbirds and butterflies but only got a photo of a lizard. But lizards are way cool.  Almost like little tiny alligators with no teeth.

Have a great weekend!



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    • I saw a green lizard today. A couple days ago one about 5 inches long wiggled into the garage. I can identify most of the butterflies but am mystified by the many different lizards here.

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