Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

Happy April 15th.

Tax Day.

But not really, tax day this year is Monday, the 18th.  Something to do with this being a holiday in Washington DC.  So if you’ve been rushing to get those taxes done, you got ALL weekend.

To slave away and crunch those numbers!

Or you should just get them done today and enjoy this great spring weather.

This week I rescued these little opossums.


I found them in the middle of the road nestled up to their mom that had had a bad connection with a vehicle.

It made me very sad. 


Terry and I put them in a box and took them to the Homosassa Wildlife Park.  


I was really afraid they’d say, sorry, no more ‘possums.  Got our limit.

Then I’d have to raise them myself.

But the ranger at the front desk got on the radio and said “We have an animal donation!”

And then I was very happy!

Yay for the Homosassa Wildlife Park!

She also said that they were old enough that there was a 100% chance of survival and that they would be released back into the wild.


Friday Meanderings
I’ve named this one Feisty. He was spitting and hissing the whole time.

They’ll probably come visit me when they grow up.

I’ll be looking for them!

Have a great weekend!



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