Friday Meanderings

Can the weather get any better here on the Nature Coast?  Sunny, 80 degree temperatures, sunny. Sunny.  Can I say that too much?  

I’ve been organizing, tossing things, working in my yard.  

The hummingbirds, butterflies, and the swallow tail kites are back. 

All signs that it’s SPRING!

My favorite time of the year.  I’m so energized and ready to tackle anything and everything.

Which is probably why I’m not quite keeping up…. 

I haven’t been posting to Project 365 every day.  I take the photo but don’t always get it uploaded until the next day.  Is that cheating?  I decided–NO.

I just finished designing the BRAND SPANKING NEW website for The Old Homosassa Heritage Council.  This is such a GREAT group. Everyone is enthusiastic and we all have a common mission–to preserve Old Homosassa.  First project is saving the water tower and it has been purchased!  Now we need to raise money to restore and maintain it.  Meanwhile we are fighting for a sidewalk that goes around our lovely trees.

Me and my happy banjo are going to BANJO camp!  So excited!  

Yet no one else seems to appreciate this piece of news, every time I tell someone about this big event, the eyes kind of roll back up inside the head and the subject is changed. 


Just gotta say that it’s next weekend.  This is BIG stuff. Terry (he really wanted to go because he just can not get enough of hearing my bad banjo playing) is staying home with Maggie because dogs aren’t allowed.  But they already have all kinds of fun things planned. Like golf. Fishing. A lot of TV.

I haven’t been keeping up with local events so I asked Terry what’s going on.  A MOPAR show on Saturday in Inverness.  Fort Cooper Days at Fort Cooper State Park.  Something in Floral City. And I said, “why didn’t I see all that?”  And he said, “because your face is always in that computer.”

Oh, yeah.

And Terry said, “what’s with all the rabbits” and I said “good golly, it’s almost Easter!” And you know I say “good golly” a lot!!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Get plenty of practice on that banjo. Only 8 more months (approx.) until cookie day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will all be expecting a concert!

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