Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

Busy week, right?

This is how I feel about now.

Kendall and Maggie

Kendall started texting me a couple of weeks ago about “when can I come up and it better be RIGHT NOW!.” Yeah, I think it’s really cool that the 8-year old is texting me.

So Kendall and Addison have been here for a few days.

The above pic was after an hour boat ride to the Springs, two hours of swimming, an hour back, showers to get rid of “Lu Poo” (if you live in Homosassa you know what I mean) and then a big crash. (Maggie did not go with us but she spent all that time worrying about us being out on the boat without her.)

Kendall, Maggie, me and grandpa all took a very long nap.  Addison toughed it out. And was still up at 10 pm. (Where does she get the energy????? and she must not really be related to the rest of us!)

Going to show you a video next week of Addison’s encounter with a manatee.  As soon as I figure out how to put the video on here.  Very cool!

Anyhow, what’s going on….

The Mullet Toss.  Saturday. All the money goes to the kids.  Terry and I are working (sweating) at the raffle table.

Monday.  The Meet and Greet.  (Postponed from June because of a tropical storm) The newspaper has advertised TWICE that there will be “light appetizers, wine, beer, and soda.”  Sheesh.  How did that make it into the paper? But we should have a good turnout! Get there early if you want any of the free food and drinks cause I only bought enough for 100!!!!!!!  

I’m sure that you will hear ALL about it next week!

If a hurricane doesn’t hit us before then. (Would that not be a message from a higher power?)


Have a great weekend!

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