Friday Meanderings

It’s over!  We did it!



Not many festivals are entirely run by volunteers.  But this one is.

Gotta do a shout out to all of our volunteers.  GREAT VOLUNTEERS.  The chairpeople dedicated a year of their life to make this work.

I was going to put some pics here but I’m going to refer you to the “official” FB page. (there are several unofficial pages on FB, that’s the joy of FB.)

Gotta do a shout out to Michelle and Jon.  They don’t live in Homosassa.  Michelle is my niece. When I sent out a distress signal that we needed help.  She and her husband Jon were there. And came back for more.  And that’s what family does.  YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!  They are also active in their community in Weeki Wachee and we hope to return the favor. But I don’t know if we can do as much as they did.  Two days.  Serving beer.  OMG. Not just family but friends.

Also want to shout out to Publix.  We did the whole official form filling out thing and sent off to the corporate headquarters and got turned down for any assistance.


Our local Publix.  That little one right there at Halls River Road and 19?  They went above and beyond.  They were collecting sodas, water, and energy drinks at BOGO prices.  And they stored it until we picked it up the day before the the Festival.  Last year we lost money on sodas that we bought through the distributor.  This year we made money.

And that’s why I will ALWAYS buy my groceries at our little local Publix.

But I gotta give another shout out to our local Wal-Mart.  They donated almost all of the stuff that we gave out for door prizes.  Terry has had that stuff sitting in his garage since June.  So much stuff!  We gave some of the fishing items to the Mullet toss and the Learning Center back in July but the rest of it was just waiting to find a home.

Thank you Suzanne Green.

Also gotta shout out to the bands that played both days.  Shades of Gray, Groove 41, Paula’s Pure Vintage, and Shawline.  They accepted a ridiculously low amount of money to rock the crowd. And they were great.

Even Michelle said “they are playing for that?”

Local bands supporting the local community!



He could be playing golf twice a week and watching Bonanza instead of putting himself out there for the bows and arrows.  Seriously. This guy has worked for the last two years to make this work.  And it’s still not right.

The money goes to the kids.  We have to make more of it.

Love you babe!  You have gone way above and beyond!  We want to give 60% of the money to the kids.  And isn’t that how it is supposed to be?

Okay, back to me…..

I’ve been spending this week trying to get my own stuff together.

No promises that I will ever get my pic of the day up again or post twice a week.

Cause Terry and I are doing what we can do.

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  1. Awwww – I’m blushing ! We had fun ! I think I was ‘The St.Pauli Girl’ in another life. …and I’m not even a beer drinker. 🙂

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