Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

So much has gone on this week.

So much.

Some good.  Lots of bad.

I mean.  really.  how many mean FB posts can you deal with before your soul is crushed?????

Here’s a rose….


Thought I would put up a bunch of snaps this week.

And posts.

Stuff happens!

But here’s a caterpillar that was on the milkweed on Thursday.


And here’s an article from the Citrus Chronicle that you may or may not want to read….


Life goes on.

And here’s another foolish caterpillar that will most likely never make it to butterfly stage.

don’t they know it’s too cold to actually be a butterfly?

So there are some facebook posts from Gary ESN Bartell and Joanne Bartell and the Homosassa Learning Center.  Which, because they choose to share with the world, you too can enjoy the dirt thrown at really GOOD people.

About Terry being a spineless coward.  And the owner of High Octane, a very popular biker bar, saying that “Green is the new black and blue”.

And that’s not even the worst of it.  Because if you actually post and disagree with their position, you will be told what a fool you are.

Oh, that’s the clean version.

We tell all of our friends DO NOT RESPOND TO ANY OF THOSE FACEBOOK POSTS.  Because they will eat you up, make very nasty comments about what a horrible person you are, and then spit you out.

Despite the fact that you are an amazing person and really believe you are helping your community.

Life goes on.

Just watched Joe Biden and Obama giving him the Medal of Honor.  So inspiring. So tear jerking.

I may not have agreed with all the presidents that have served in my lifetime–but they were all good people.  Not bullies that went to twitter or FB to intimidate their opponents.

I believe the life of politeness is over.  I’m really an optimistic person.  But not so much right now.

So sad.  Perhaps this was just a really bad long sad trying week.

Supposed to be another article out tomorrow (which would be today since I write this on Thursday evening) in the paper. Talked to the reporter for a really long time.

Probably not good.

So sad.

Sadder are these caterpillars that will not make it through any cold winter.  But still they toil.


And so will we.  Even though we might not make it through the winter either.

But we continue despite all that stuff, cause we are going to make our little part of the world just a little bit better.  And have a lot of amazing people that are on board with us.

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    • Thanks Donna. Yeah, the article wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be today but it’s really not fun to be on the front page of the paper two days in a row unless you’e getting an award!

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