Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings

Well, it’s Friday again.

And you want to know what’s going in Homosassa, right?  NO?  Oh come on, you know you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t!

My big project has been the Learning Center.  We are tutoring.  Monday through Wednesday.  3:30 – 5:30.

Got a lot of volunteers.  Need more.  If you are in the area, we would love to have you. But we will background check you! I’ve done it.  It’s painless!

Think about it.  We can change the face of Homosassa.  The kid that I’m tutoring is in the 3rd grade and readily told me that his teacher said he only reads at the first grade level.

Sheesh.  That is so wrong.  But I remember having a young son and I was told that he was way behind in reading. And we went to the library.  And read a lot of books. And he learned how to read. And is quite a wonderful person. That can read.  And uses really big words.

So.  My new friend and I will be reading.  I’m thinking comic books to start with because he really likes superheros. Right?  Then we will get into bigger stories.  He is really quite an adorable child that wants to learn and fit in.

We’ve got other kids showing up at the Learning Center that think it’s fun time.  Not learning time.

Nope.  It’s the “Learning Center”. If you don’t want to learn.  You can just go home.

I don’t need any teenage attitude.  But.  Having said that.  There’s a few other volunteers that just say she needs attention.  Okay with me.

I’m sticking with the 3rd grader!

But after some intense learning, we are sneaking some fun in.  Think “Project Runway”. There will be some sewing machines and totes of fabric stuff on the premises.

And we have guitars!  What???? A kind person donated four guitars.   I play the banjo so I have no clue on guitars but I do have a snark and tried to tune them.  Strings were breaking. Some parts were missing. Since I love the music all of those will be fixed.  And tuned.  Already talked to my friends at StrumHollow in Spring Hill to get some guidance on repair. All we need is a teacher. For the kids and adults!    Anyone????

Besides all that. I took my oath on Monday.  I’m now an official commissioner.  My name will soon be on the door.

This was a good week but there might be bad stuff coming.

And that’s how it is!

taking the oath
Not a great snap, but a great moment in my life!



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