Friday Meanderings

It’s Friday.

And neither Terry nor I nor the Homosassa Civic Club nor the Homosassa Learning Center made it into the Citrus Chronicle!


(But waiting for the next shoe to drop!)

And I really don’t have much to say.  And NO photos.

I thought I’d get some photos but….no.

Didn’t happen.

Been spending most of my time at the Homosassa Learning Center.  Cleaning up.  Moving things around.  Making plans. Tutoring.

Along with a whole lot of other volunteers.  It’s amazing how many local people are ready to step up!

We have so many plans for the learning center.

Four guitars were donated last year.  We have a volunteer that is willing to teach kids how to play the guitar.

How cool is that?

If you have any instruments that are just hanging in closets or under the bed, we would love you to give them to us.  We have four guitars right now.

As soon as we get four kids to sign up–free classes.  Free guitars to practice on.

How cool is that?

Another volunteer has suggested a sewing class and is ready to start teaching. And we have already had one person donate a completely unused sewing machine that’s still in the box that was never opened!  (It could be from 1950 but it’s still in the box! Could be a very valuable antique!)

How cool is that?

Another local that has a restaurant has suggested a cooking class.

How cool is that?

And we haven’t even scratched the surface!

We are here.  And we are making so many changes for the better!

I’ll have details next week!  Put March 11th on your calendar.  Cause you are going to want to be in Old Homosassa that day!  Seriously.  details. details. next week!

And maybe photos!

Have a great weekend and enjoy all that sunshine!





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