Friday Meanderings

Friday Meanderings


And I’m back!

I know, I know. If I don’t post on a regular basis, I will lose my followers.

Anyone still out there?

I try to be clever here. Maybe a little funny.


You’re right. I haven’t been at all funny lately.

But. I’ve decided I’ve either gotta step up my game or get outta the game!

And I was really tempted to just shut the blog down.

But. I did get one text from one reader that wanted to know where was my Friday post? She even used a bad word (WTF)!

What?  I still have one reader! Time for the ticker tape parade!  (And what exactly is a ticker tape parade?)

So here goes with the clever repertoire!  (or just a lot of photos to make up for the lack of cleverness)


Went to Washington DC last weekend. To visit the favorite daughter and her husband. We’ve been trying to get up there so we could celebrate Christmas. Right. Christmas.

They travel for work. A lot.

And we are slightly over involved in all the local drama.

Trying to fit our schedule with theirs is difficult. The first opportunity was the weekend of the presidential inauguration. Yeah. D.C. During the inauguration. On the bright side I could have participated in the Women’s Parade. With 10 other women staying in their apartment.

So we picked this past weekend for our visit. Bought the tickets. Then realized it was Presidents Day weekend. Yeah. Here in Homosassa that’s not a big deal. But it’s a REALLY BIG deal in DC.

Georgetown. Wanted to sit at a bar on the water. No seats on the waterfront. Or anywhere. And yes, that is an ice skating rink. We did find a bar under the bridge.

Still had a great time.Drank too much.


Ate too much!


They gave us Alexa for our Christmas gift.

She’s always listening.

Just finished reading “the Handmaids Tale” and starting “1984” and “Fahrenheit 451” is up next.

She’s always listening.

On the local front….

Terry and I have been at the Learning Center at least three days a week.  The guitar lessons are going GREAT! The kids are so excited.

Also teaching sewing and creating fashions.

fashion show

Fashion show on March 11th during our first annual Old Homosassa Community Day.

9 – 5.

Yard sale put on by the Old Homosassa Heritage Council.  You can make donations on March 10th from 10 am to 7 pm.  All the money raised goes to painting the Old Homosassa Water Tower.

American Legion 166 will be have a Flag disposal and flag raising ceremony at 2 pm.

They’ll also be selling hotdogs and hamburgers.  The Homosassa Boys and Girls Club will be selling soda and water.

We’ve invited all of our local community groups to set up and pass out info.

Big day!  Be there!

And one more pic…

the view
The view on Thursday. How great is that?



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