Friday Meanderings

Our weather has been WONDERFUL this week. Yesterday it was 86 so we were out and about “traveling with the top down”. But we are well aware that it could turn back into winter in a heartbeat!  So we’re enjoying the weather while we can.

We took three of the grandkids to the Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park last Sunday.  The nights are still chilly and the manatees continue to seek the warmer waters of the springs so we were able to see a multitude of manatees in all sizes. 

Manatees at Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park

Manatees at Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park

Manatees at Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park

Which made me ponder about the chaos at Crystal River.  The Citrus Chronicle reports every few days about trying to control the many people in the water in the canals around Three Sisters Springs.  The officials can’t stop them from going there since it is a public waterway plus the county depends on the tourism dollars that “swimming with the manatees” bring in.  We went to Three Sisters Springs on one of the rare days that the park was open to the public back in January.  The canal and water surrounding the manatee sanctuary were crammed with snorkelers, swimmers and kayakers.  That water is 72 degrees and the air was about 50.  That is cold.

Most of the people in the water had to pay a tour company to get there. It is so easy to see the manatees from the uncrowded platform, bridge, and fish bowl at the state park in Homosassa Springs.  $13 for adults and $5 for children.  They even give a discount with AAA and AARP plus you can find 20% off coupons in all the free Citrus County tourist magazines and website.  And you get to see so much more than just manatees.

Flamingos at Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park

Okay, off my soapbox.  How about some local upcoming events?

First, it’s the Floral City Strawberry Festival on March 1st and 2nd.  We’ll be there on Saturday. Looking forward to local strawberries!

And right here In Old Homosassa, it’s the Shrimpapalooza on March 22nd. And they are looking for sponsors.  You can get a spot in the parade and beads!  All proceeds go to charities.

Shrimpapalooza 2013
The grandkids’ loot from the 2013 Shrimpaplooza.

 And one last picture…

Eye on my iPhone
Somebody was using my iPhone and it wasn’t Maggie!


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