Friday Meanderngs

Sometimes I try living in a bubble.


But then I look over my shoulder and discover that all hell has broken loose!


As Donna commented a few weeks ago about my statement that I was going to have oodles of time…..

Not happening.

Just like the fishing seminar we had a few weeks ago at the learning center where I expected 60 and probably got 120.


Started out with 6 kids on Monday so thought the program wasn’t going well.  Then there were 16 and then there was an article on the front page of the local paper.  How many will show up today?

It’s fun!  But I’m there every day for at least an hour.

Stopped by Watson’s Gallery to check out the “Paint for Paws”

Gil and Wendy will be hosting more “Paint for Paws” events in the future.  All proceeds go to Snippit Citrus.

This weekend is the Cobia Big Fish Tournament. Ok. I don’t actually fish in the tournament but we do bike down on Saturday morning and toast the send off. Then we work the OHHC booth. Then we toast the considerably depleted group heading out on Sunday.


Have a great weekend!


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