Friends of Crystal River NWR Annual Meeting — 1 Comment

  1. I could go on and on about water. Lot’s of people in-land care about the water. (I have to say when I lived in Hernando Beach, nobody cared. (but nobody had sprinkler systems either) Since people are stupid – government must step in. They could do two things to help immensely, 1. Demand water sensors. It’s a $10 item! I drive thru my development of huge (acre + lots) lusciously landscaped lawns and they’re watering IN THE RAIN. They spray chemicals to treat lawns IN THE RAIN. (that company needs a ‘dumping’ fine) Or how about some common sense – if it rained yesterday, but your watering day is today,…shut it OFF. It’s a switch,…don’t break a nail,…flip it ! 2. Commercial properties should be held at the same accountability. Farmers should store water if they want to spray those strawberry fields – not drain the aquifer and ruin miles of land (remember the sink-holes in I-4 ?! … and then the farmers let the berries rot in the field over lack of migrant (near-slave) labor. I have no sympathy there) Put in a golf course?, then put in a cistern. The bank in Brooksville who’d water any and every day of the week – really? And that’s just one area. How many times have you been to a mall and seen the sprinklers going in the heat of the day, or broken and spewing into the lot!? Ugh.
    Many of us care, but there’s a lot who didn’t grow up needing to and still don’t. These are the one’s who will only listen to Mr.Government Man, and bitch about it even when it’s for their own good.

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