Frozen Costume Number 1!

Finally I finished with the Elsa costume for Piper. She asked me to make her one several months ago and after a shopping trip with Addy and Kendall (my Tampa experts on all things Frozen) for fabric and advice then another few trips with Piper, we finally had all the necessary fabric.  

And here is Piper’s “Elsa” costume.


We had planned on putting snowflakes in her braided hair just like Elsa had the day that we visited her in the mall.  

Elsa has snowflakes in her hair!

And found these snowflake buttons that we attached to elastic thread to put in Piper’s braid.

Snowflake buttons

But while Piper gets up almost every morning pretending to be Elsa, the day I planned her “photo shoot” she decided that she was Belle.  

And Belle has long flowing brown hair with NO snowflakes.  So this is the closest I could get with the snowflake button.


She also wanted to wear her Barbie heels.  Hey, she’s three.  Compromises must be made. 



ElsaElsaAnd here’s the pattern I used…

This pattern was approved by Addy and Kendall.

There are several patterns for Frozen costumes now plus princess fabric displays at Jo-annes and Hancock Fabrics. also has posted their version of the Frozen costumes–including Olaf.   In addition there are hundreds of ideas on Pinterest and if you don’t want to make your own costume, you can check out Etsy.

Addy, Kendall and I bought most of the fabric at Jo-annes.  Piper and I picked up the cape material on clearance at Hancock Fabric.  I think the buttons were from Jo-annes, too.  Then I decided the fabric that we picked for the sleeves and yoke was too itchy and replaced it with some cotton fabric with snowflakes at Hancock Fabrics.  Fortunately the Christmas fabric was already out and on sale.

One last look at the back, the cape goes all the way around.  Just like Elsa!

Frozen Costume Number 1!

Just one more Elsa and an Anna costume to do before Halloween!  


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  1. Soooo adorable ! I stole my favorite pic. The one of her sitting and looking down, for my screensaver slideshow, so I can see it every day.

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