Happy 2016!

Happy 2016!

We made it. 

A New Year!

Terry and me

It’s time to make resolutions.  Last year I had a few, if you want to check up on them, here’s my post from January 2, 2015.

And how did I do?

I wanted to take more and better photos so I joined a Project 365 photography group. I’m not sure if my photos are any better from the experience but I took a lot of them.  And I’m starting a new edition for 2016.  But this time I’m making my own rules.  I will try to post a photo a day.  But only if it’s a good photo that reflects a moment.  I’m not just taking a picture of my wine glass or Maggie and throwing that up there because I made a commitment.  (Well, you’ll still probably get pics of Maggie cause she’s so cute) Or maybe I’ll post two photos for the day…or three…or none. The most difficult part of the 2015 version was getting the photos posted every day.  Didn’t happen. Won’t happen in 2016, either.  

One of my resolutions for last year was to play the piano, banjo, or ukulele more often and get over my fear of performing in front of people.  I’m in two jam groups now and can get through a piece (slowly) on my happy banjo without losing control of my fingers. That’s a huge step.  Still have to work on it but I have hope!

I also resolved to read more books last year.  My reading was sporadic–mostly on long driving trips.  I will do better this year.

I really don’t have any new goals for 2016.  Just to continue enjoying life and truly appreciating the people and places around me. I really have so much to be thankful for.

Have a great year!


So cute! Or is just me that thinks that?


2 thoughts on “Happy 2016!

  1. Maggie is very cute! Love your pics whoever you post.
    Looking for a good read: A Man called Ove by Backman or My Grandmother told me to tell you she’s sorry by Backman
    Very quirky and different fiction.
    Happy New Year

    • Thanks for the book recommendations, Terry. I like quirky books so I’ll check them out. Maggie says thanks for agreeing that she’s cute.


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