Heritage Village in Crystal River

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Jessica’s wedding is in a few weeks and most of my recent adventures in Citrus County have been meeting with caterers, discussing prices with tent people, and checking out queries from our out-of-state guests “exactly where is this rental house?” (There are a lot of houses for short-term rent in the Old Homosassa area!)

Last week I was headed off to a bridal shower in far-far away and totally unprepared.  No gift for the bride or even the groom’s parents and I’m staying at their house! Between packing and blogging I decided that I needed to squeeze in some shopping.  So I headed to Heritage Village in Crystal River—twenty minutes away and I knew I’d find the perfect present. 

I love Heritage Village. I’m all about shopping local and they have all these unique stores and cafes. I love that the owners are there and greet me like they know me. I’m excited when a new place opens and disappointed when a shop closes. I think the owners do a great job marketing the place. I bring my guests here, especially on Market Days when we can get fresh produce and check out some local artists.  I just wish more Citrus County residents would shop here so my favorite places wouldn’t be in danger of disappearing!

Heritage Village in Crystal River
A bike decorating contest was held in Heritage Village a while back and a few of the bikes are still there.

On this trip I was on a limited time budget and my objective was Heritage House, the heart of Heritage Village, to buy a unique gift. 

Heritage Village in Crystal River
These adorable aprons are typical of the unique items at the Heritage House.

Mission accomplished and I had a few minutes to peruse La-Te-Da’s and the Cotton Club.  (A girl can’t have too many clothes—especially with a wedding coming up. ) Then I saw a new shop, Dayz Gone By, that has both new and old wares that I quickly looked through.

Heritage Village in Crystal River
New Shop Dayz Gone By has old and new wares.

Time was up and had to get to an appointment so I didn’t have time to go to Just a Cupcake to turn in my card for a free birthday cupcake—I’ll save that for after the wedding and dieting is over! 

Heritage Village in Crystal River
Bakery and Cafe, Yum!

Also had to skip Backporch Garden Wine and Tea bar where I usually enjoy a glass of iced tea.  I’ll be back!

Heritage Village in Crystal River

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