In My Gardens

African Iris
African Iris after the rain.

I’ve been trying to get my gardens back into some type of order since we got back.  So much rain! 

The garden bed right by the front door was covered with powdery mildew and fungus.  I had to cut everything down to the ground.  I’ve never had anything like that happen and these were mature plants that have been there for years.

These plants were huge but I had to cut them all back.  You can even see the black fungus on the sidewalk Yeck!

And it’s just not local, here’s the overlook deck on Lake Kanapaha that we visited on Saturday.  Underwater!  We were really fortunate to get that trip in before the afternoon rains hit.

Lake Kanapaha

Thanks to my trip to Kanapaha Botanical Gardens, I think that I’ve identified this mystery fern on my seawall.  There are four of them and they just showed up one season.  I think they look very cool on the rocks.

Bird's Nest Fern
This looks just like the Birds’s Nest Fern at the Gardens.

I especially like the shape the new growth takes.

birds nest fern

 I also identified a bromeliad that was in my yard when we moved here many years ago.  The one on the left is a Fingernail Bromeliad named for the red color on the tips of the leaves.  Michelle gave me the bromeliads on the right. I don’t know what they are but Michelle probably does. They started out as just a few plants but they spread like crazy.  I’ve planted them around several trees.  Love it when they are blooming.

BromeliadsOne more photo of a bloom after the rain…


More rain forecasted for the rest of the week! 








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