In my Gardens

We had a couple of days of torrential down pours again.  It finally stopped late Saturday afternoon and the sun came back out.  So I headed out to see what I could see…

Bottle Brush
Bottle brush tree is covered with bees. A good sign to have pollinators out in force!
pink caladiums
The caladiums are blooming, both pink and
white caladiums
Here’s a close up of those hydrangea blooms.
Black Eyed Susan
First black eyed susan for this year.
Bleeding Heart Vine
And these bleeding heart vines just started blooming.
grape tomoates
Stopped by the vegetable garden, and there are little grape tomatoes!
Celebrity tomato
A celebrity tomato. These are the ones that the squirrels like. Damn squirrels.
Black Swallowtail Caterpillar
The first black swallowtail caterpillar for the year! I always plant parsley for the swallowtails but this one is loving the dill!
And here’s Maggie barking at me because I’m taking a picture of a caterpillar! When she’s standing right there! Have a great Monday!

2 thoughts on “In my Gardens

  1. Doesn’t look like my yard, I wish it did. I have one tulip blooming (chipmunks love the bulbs) and one of my flowering trees is flowering. Haven’t needed to cut the grass yet. Still need to clean out the landscaping beds. Oh, so much to do. Yours looks amazing.

    • Thanks Allie. I still have a lot of spring work to do at my place, too. It’s never-ending! And we are already cutting the grass every week since of all the rain we’ve had this yea. Sounds like you have “damn” chipmunks instead of “damn” squirrels!

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