In the Garden

Mandevilla, IN the Garden
The mandevilla have bloomed strong all summer.
Nightblooming jasmine with caladiums and hydrangeas
Nightblooming jasmine with caladiums and hydrangeas.
Nightblooming Jasmine
Love taking the dog out for her evening walk just because the scent of the nightblooming jasmine is exquisite.
Blue Hydrangea
One blue hydrangea amidst all the pink ones.
Maggie in the garden
Maggie is not happy with me. I feed some stale bread to the fish and she was really miffed. She went out several times just to stand on the dock and check for floating bread. Just want to say, Maggie hates bread–unless I feed it to the fish.

The plumeria didn’t do well this year.  I have nine plants and these are the only two that bloomed.

Plumeria 1, In the Garden

Plumeria 2, IN the Garden

Rose, In the Garden
The roses are coming back since the weather has cooled a wee bit.
Bromeliad, In the Garden
This variety of bromeliad is starting to bloom. Michelle gave me these many years ago, they’ve multiplied, and I’ve transplanted them around several trees.
Banana tree, in the garden
I took this picture of the flower on the banana tree yesterday morning. I went out in the late afternoon to get a better photo and the yellow flowers were gone. Did the ants eat them? Squirrels?

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