In the Garden

While I was out looking for hydrangeas to pick for my drying project, I was a little surprised at some of the other flowers.

I’ve had beautiful roses in other yards.  But not at this one.  I’ve attempted different varieties and different parts of the yard.  I thought that they either do not like being so close to salt water or do not like the limestone in the soil.  So I moved them far away from the canal and replaced all of the soil in the new bed.  But still no success and have slowly been digging them up and replacing them.  There are now only two Don Juan’s left and they have both surprised me with one rose each this month.  Perhaps they know that they are the next to go!

In the garden

A plant I have had good results with in the past is the mandevilla.  Last year the one I had bloomed until it frosted.  So I planted two new ones this year–a white one and a pink one.  Both are dead.  What?

The plumeria is a tropical plant which goes dormant.  All the leaves should be off by now and it should look like one ugly branch sticking out of the ground.  But this one is still blooming.  Too weird.

In the garden

And the last surprise is that some of the azalaes are blooming.  I have had them flower as early as Christmas but these started in October.

In the garden

So anyone out there have any explanations for this unusual plant behavior?


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