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I’m headed out on a trip this weekend!  Terry and Maggie will be fending for themselves–probably eating pizza while watching a golf tournament.  I finally get to use the overnight bag that I made several weeks ago.  You can check it out here.

So I decided I needed to make an iPad case to match my overnight bag.  Won’t that impress my fellow passengers? Didn’t take long since I have everything I need and had already made it before.  What took long was documenting the steps just in case somebody else would like to make one.  Writing clear instructions is much more difficult than sewing! (Not saying that these are clear instructions.)

So, for those whose eyes roll up into their heads when they see my sewing directions,  here’s a pretty picture of my new lovely iPad case and matching overnight bag.  So pretty.

iPad Case

First you’ll need 2 different fabrics–one for the outer and another for lining.  I used an upholstery weight fabric that would be suitable for pillows from Premier Prints for the outer fabric. The last time I made the case I used denim for the lining but my heavy duty sewing machine could barely get through all the layers, so this time I used muslin for the lining. You will also need fleece and Velcro.

Cut the outer fabric, lining, and fleece 12 1/2 “ wide by 24” long. 

iPad Case

Baste wrong side of outer fabric to fleece, ½” from all edges.  Trim fleece.

With right sides together, stitch lining to outer fabric, leaving about 4” for turning.

Trim corners .

Turn fabric right side out.


Topstitch ¼” from edge on one of the narrow ends, this will be the top of the interior pocket.

iPad Case

Cut 9 ½” of Velcro

Stitch one side of Velcro,  1” from all edges, on the lining side, opposite end that you just top stitched.

Stitch the other side of the Velcro on the right side of the outer fabric, 3” from the edge that you top stitched.

Turn the topstitch side up 8 ½” for the interior pocket.

iPad Case

Topstitch ½” from all edges, make sure that you catch in the section you left open for turning.

iPad Case

Easy Peasy.

While this gives my iPad a little bit of protection, it’s mostly for pretty.  I wouldn’t drop it and expect the iPad to survive!  That’s just my little disclaimer!

iPad Case


4 thoughts on “iPad Case

    • Probably since I was about 12! I had to make my clothes for school or go without! So I taught myself to sew. I don’t make clothes often anymore. I like to “create” things now. Lately I’ve been obsessed with totes of all sizes and varieties.

  1. The wonders of Home Ec. I made many of my dresses and some skirts in high school. Then we were allowed to wear pant suits, and finally jeans.

    • I probably quit sewing when we could wear jeans, too. I didn’t learn much in Home Ec–I think I was too busy talking. I never got the projects done!

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