It’s a New Year – and Michelle’s back

Yes, I’ve been busy, but I’m back. But for this new year I need a little help. Over time, the blog and it’s posts have changed from it’s original mission. Way back when we started this Wednesday post thing, it was to accent Kathy’s healthy living posts. But, as many things go, it’s morphed a bit. That’s not a bad thing – change is good. But that puts me in a bit of a spot. Where to go next? So I thought I’d ask – where do you want me to go?

Kathy’s going to keep Wednesday’s open for me to come up with something creative and fun – but since her blog has become very involved with local activities, throwing in a recipe for a diet cookie is a bit off base. Unless, that’s something you’re interested in? Maybe stick to DIY projects? Or should I keep them to my own local activities and photos? A sort of Hernando County version of what Kathy’s doing – hmm, that’s an idea. This brainstorming session is good – I literally just thought of that. 

So, what’ve you got. Post a reply or email me,….what can I do for you in 2015?

Until then,…in keeping with what Kathy’s up to. They go to car shows,… and I love crazy license plates. Here’s a few from this weekend. Yes, all in just a 2 day span! I’m like a magnet for them !

MrPeanut plateEveryone loves Mr Penut ! But who on earth would come to an antique extravaganza in a convertible Mini? Someone who collects silver spoons I suppose – no chandeliers for that guy!

Junker Dave, I presume?
Junker Dave, I presume?

Oh yeah,…and Junker Dave showed up all the way from North Dakota (I think). See, I love seeing how creative people can get with just a few letters !

I love guessing what some of them mean, and what type of person drives that kind of vehicle. This one’s a bit of a no-brainer.

I'm just jealous !
I’m just jealous !

Let’s see – I’m guessing this lady is a peace loving religious ranchers wife from Orlando with an expensive hobby/business shabby chic-ing e v e r y t h i n g ? Just sayin’

Pink wheels?
Pink wheels?

Hmm, and Junkn2 is …? Possibly a pink convertible Corvette? (who knew Barbie was real)

They sell ribs - just a guess.
They sell ribs – just a guess.

As if the signs on the truck weren’t enough – I think these folks sell bar-b-que.

He just can't burn that fuel fast enough!
He just can’t burn that fuel fast enough!

On our way home…jumping the line, this guy is clearly proud of his negative carbon credit account, with his ‘HAHA MPG’ tag.

A soprano perhaps?
A soprano perhaps?

Last but not least, the cheery Florida Arts tag : IB SINGN 

So, have you given it some thought? What’d you want to see more of – I have to come up with 52 of them. I’ve got some work to do!

TTFN, Michelle

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  1. Hi Michelle, I have never met you, but I know good writing when I read it. You should always go with YOUR passion. Write what you know, and write what sets you on fire, and the reader will follow you. Your photos are amazing and Kathy said they are done with your iPhone:-)! Looking forward to wherever your heart leads you. Best wishes.

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