It’s Spring! Yippee!

Sorry to all my northern friends.  It’s SPRING here in Florida.  I promise, it’s coming to you. Really.

The weather has been wonderful here, aside from 36 hours of rain on Monday and Tuesday. But Wednesday dawned beautiful and we were out in the yard.  I’m so full of energy in the Spring.  I’ve been transplanting my potted plants into bigger pots.  My little vegetable garden plots are planted and sprouted.  Such a hopeful time.

So I was back out working on my mosaic art garden border that the grandkids have been kindly helping me with by creating mosaic step stones.  Those suckers are heavy.  And the bags of paver base and sand are even heavier.  And after sitting in a rainstorm for a day and a half, almost impossible to lift.  With all that, I thought I would get it done yesterday but it’s still a work in progress. But I’m happy with what I accomplished.

mosaic art garden border
Still need more sand between the step stones and dirt around the edges.

So while I was working on the border, these guys came around to bark at me….


Hey, I’m trying to get some work done here!
We’re outta here!
Maggie came out to check on my progress.
Addison's first stepping stone.
Just a warning to anyone that wants to make mosaics for outdoors. Starfish will decay. This was our very first stepping stone. Addison created it on a visit and we had NO idea that the starfish would dissolve! But it still looks very cool.
Love the gator!

Once I get all the sand and dirt in, I’ll post again about the border.  I’ve been having a great time with all the grandkids in this creation.  And SO happy Spring is here!  Totally the best time of the year!

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  1. Glad that you are energized!! I am still waiting for my Spring fever. At present, I still have the winter grays (can’t even call it winter blues). Temperature is a little higher and we have had sun, but I am still wearing my winter coat and scarf.

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