It’s the Weekend Already!

Happy Friday!  Another beautiful weekend has arrived!

We’ve started the “Quest for the Ultimate Chicken Wing” again.  Hit a restaurant last week and we’re off to another local place today.  Diet all week, blow it on Friday with wings.

Then there’s the Homosassa Seafood, Art and Craft Festival all weekend.  Seriously, you can smell the deep fat fryers on our front porch!  Ahhh, deep-fried nuggets of goodness from the sea.

Next weekend is the annual Renninger’s Antique and Collectible’s Extravaganza.  I’ve been attending this for couple of decades.  Michelle and I plus a few other friends will be in the big SUV and on our way in the wee hours of the morning in search of treasures.  I’m sure we’ll tell you all about it when we get back!

And the last announcement, Maggie is sick.  OH NO!  She’s had three major medical crises in her nearly 14 years.  The first was when we lived far far away and she was four years old. We left her at the kennel and returned to find her emaciated and on death’s doorstep.  And the kennel was at her Vet’s office!  Bad doctor.

The second was when she decided to chase a pitbull out of her backyard.  Dumb idea, Maggie.

And now the third is pancreatitis.  We just spent the entire Christmas budget getting her blood tests, x-rays, and medication.  Poor poor Maggie.  For almost 14 years she has enjoyed eating people food.  No more.  Now she’s on a tasteless lo-fat veterinarian  approved stinky canned food diet.  No more treats.  No more lasagna for dinner. No more BK with her best friend.  But she’s alive!

Poor Poor Maggie, suffering from

Have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “It’s the Weekend Already!

  1. I am praying for a speedy recovery. From what I have heard from my human friends, this is very painful. Give Maggie a kiss for me.

  2. Poor Ms.Maggie – Hope she’s better soon. Ugh, stinky canned food – yuck. You’ve got that Dog Food Cookbook (see, I made sure not to say ‘Dog Cookbook’ – that would be awkward) maybe you can make her something healthy that the vet says is ok? You can just tell her that Terry made it.

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