Jesandy Jubilee Countdown! 4 Weeks!

The Chandelier is Ready!

What does a chandelier have to do with a countdown?

This was one of Michelle’s prized purchases at Renninger’s Antique Extravaganza!  Remember this?

Jesandy Jubilee Countdown!

Now it’s all beautiful and ready to go into her bathroom, but first we must have lighting for a Jubilee…..

And Michelle says, “Yea, the chandelier is done!! I painted it with a dusting of that ‘Looking Glass’ spray paint. You can still see the brass thru it, sort of. It makes it look a bit like a sterling silver or champagne color. I like it. The bulbs are 15w each so it’ll throw plenty of light, but not blow a fuse. Although, the 7w Christmas lights fit in them also.

Pay no attention to that messy garage in the background…I’m sure the neighbors were wondering why we were hanging a chandelier in our garage – doesn’t everyone?! 
Everyone that is talented and recognizes that a chandelier belongs anywhere!


Jesandy Jubilee Countdown
Jesandy Jubilee Countdown
Jesandy Jubilee Countdown
Jesandy Jubilee Countdown
The final reveal…. in FOUR WEEKS!

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